Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back Home

So I'm now back hme affew days away(well nearly a week) and in this time I got loads of new photos and films for my Naughty Nina site thanks to Steve and Rachel at Simon Ross photographic services who put up with me for 3 whole days!! You've got to feel  bit sorry for them and I'm sure they were releaved when I left Saturday. I tten drove 3 hours from Newark to Wild Passions in Newport for their last party to say another goodbye to Mandy and Alan(I said goodbye the week before too!)and it was a good party that I even ended up being tied to someone else with tights for much of!!

From there I went back to Bristol but didn't get much sleep as I had to  up early for another BDSM party. Which was MDS in Weston. I have to say I was very tired at this party so didn't really enjoy it as I should have done. So sorry to anyone(including Mike who took me and got me a free ticket)who might have thought I was a moody cow. I'm not normally like that honest! Also sorry for not saying goodbye to anyone but Mike was waiting outside with the car when his TV girlfriend came a dragged me off. Is it?(little joke for Mike)

Right I need to get up now as it's back to college and my dreamweaver course tonight

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  1. No need to apologise for anything lovely girl. Although it was apparent that you were very tired, you were still fun to be with, and a pleasure to tie as always.