Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I was in a bit of trouble today

Not what you think though. So let me explain

I have this guy who wants me to make an extreme gagging film for him which is something I'm into and well up for so today while home alone on my own I thought I'd have a practice.(You can see where this is going can't you?) so first I placed a stocking in my mouth followed by a ball gag then a stocking over my head then lots of tight duct tape then a hood. I did this with ease but then the stocking I put in first trigger my gag reflex as I'd pushed it to far in!! Oh dear I soon got the hood off but couldn't get the duct tape off as I couldn't find the end and yes I was slighty sick but the sick had nowhere to go. Nice!!

I got free in the end once I found some scissors but have decided not to do that again unless someone else is with me.

Lesson learn't I think!! 

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