Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sometimes I'm my own worse enemy

Yesterday I was emailed by the guy who I deal with at Foreplay/Desire magazine in their sales team(I place an add regularly in these mags for my pro sub business) asking if I would be happy for them to run a feature on me as were looking for a pretty TV. I thought this was great and be fantastic promotion for me so of course said yes. I then had another email telling me this would only cost me £200-£400!!

I was very annoyed at this point and e-mailed back what they could do with the feature and I wouldn't be placing anymore adds with them but I didn't stop there I started a thread on informed consent about this asking if anyone else had been asked to pay to write for the magazine and wrote to the editor as well.

The editor first off wrote back say how sorry she was and offered to do a big article on me and even pay me £100.

Result I thought but I wrote back offering to write a regular column instead for free but what she hadn't spotted was my thread on IC which was starting to get comments slagging her magazines off.

Before long she was baack in contact aand the deal was off and I was told not to write anything for them or advertise with them again.

So had I not been so upset and written on IC about the way I was treated I could now have either a hugh paid spread for Desire or a regular column as it is I have neither. So anyone know of any other BDSM magazines that want a hot(headed) trannie writting for them let me know

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