Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Do you have a cool car?

My last blog post featured me in France with my Astra VXR which turned out to be the last adventure we would have together as I've now sold that car and bought another one after over 5 years of ownership. My new car is on paper much the same as my VXR only blue and French but in reality to drive it's quite different and goes round corners like nothing else I've ever owned. My new car is a Megane RS which I already like a lot but like the Astra before it too has several annoying faults like the almost unfathomable radio which never-mind 11 this doesn't go up to 5 and cuts out constantly for some reason. Also although it's the same size as the Astra the boot is too small to fit my dads zimmer frame in no matter how hard I try to force it. Unlike the Astra which I had no such issues but at least the air con works in this one so when I do out-calls now I won't turn up a sweaty mess like I used to in the Astra on a hot day. Just after buying the Megane which is my second blue French hot hatch (he first car I ever drove and owned as Nina was a 306GTi6 about 10 years ago) I decided to get my friend Keith to take a few snaps of me with it. This got me thinking(yes I know how dangerous this is for me) I wonder if any other trans girls who have cool cars would be interested in featuring in Repartee with their pride and joys. So I've put this idea to Bella who likes it and now all we need is some hot girls with some hot cars.

So come on what are you waiting for get in touch.

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