Thursday, 3 September 2015

Busy Girl

is what I've been of late one way or another hence having not blogged since June and now the summers come and gone!

You'll be pleased to know work has been quite busy for me although mainly escort work not Mistress or pro sub work but it's still better than going back to an office job 5 days a week and my oral skills must be pretty good now with all the cocks I've had to suck recently. Although I could have done without the guy who came today getting it in one of my eyes, my mouth and even up my nose before saying he'd not come for days before that! Somehow I could tell.

In fact I've been so busy I've not had time to be tied up lately either which I am really missing but heading for a couple of days bondage  this coming weekend so at least I'll get my rope fix and some new photos and films for the site. Talking of the site my members may have noticed that this isn't the only blog I'm not keeping up with. The kinky blog on also not been updated for a couple of months and this was something I always updated once a month without fail ever since the new site went online. The reason I've stopped is I'm not actually sure anyone ever reads or likes the stories I write. However if my members request the blog back I may start it again and I'll also add the occasional kinky story anyway just not every month. Nothing else has changed on the site though and I'm still adding new films and galleries twice weekly meaning there's now several hundred sets on there making it great value for money if you're kinky like me or like watching me suffer.

Another reason I've not had time to write here is as anyone who knows me will already know my dad is very ill with terminal cancer and is in and out of hospital all the time and I've been spending a lot of time with him while he's still alive. In fact he's in hospital again at the moment having a complicated operation today on a broken leg. He keeps breaking bones as they're so fragile because of the caner and his age making each operation very difficult. So my thoughts are with him again today hoping he makes it through. I'm just hoping he lives long enough to have one more Christmas and to see his 80th birthday in January but it's not looking likely at the moment.

On a happier note I was out on my fireblade this morning when I noticed it went over 10,000miles. Which isn't much for 4 and a half years I know but I still love riding it every time I get the chance and I've now only owned one other bike longer and done more miles on it but by the time that bike made ten thousand miles I was already thinking of changing it where as I'm looking forward to the next ten thousand on this one. BTW straight after noticing I'd past ten thousand miles I nearly fell off on some gravel not noticing the car in front had stopped to let another car turn into a junction.

Hopefully I'll write again soon but here is a pic of me on my blade and no I wasn't dressed like this when I was riding it today

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