Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fools Day

And yes someone booked a session with me today changing it from  yesterday with clearly no intention of showing up probably thinks its a great April fools joke. Luckily someone else has booked in his place so hopefully he will show.

I wish I'd taken the week off this week as all I've had is a a few time wasters call so far. It makes me want to ask for deposits from everyone who books even those who book on the day at least that way I could plan my days a bit better.

One thing I have been doing while waiting for my phone to ring lately is running on my new treadmill and I'm so glad I bough it as I was on many days just sitting round waiting for my phone to ring and eating while watching daytime tele.I do wonder why they put so many buying houses programs on in the day though as who are they for the elderly or the unemployed. Surely there should be programs about how to get a job or about mobility scooters and stair lifts in the day not house buying programs?

For anyone who wants to see me on a treadmill I've attached a photo. To be honest this isn't my treadmill it's my friends in France but I don't have any pics of me on mine. However  that could change this weekend as I'm going to try and do some bondage on it. So look out for the pics of me in hospital where I've fallen off it

In May this year I'm having a very special holiday and meeting up with Sandra Gibbons from Trannies In Trouble both in London then Germany at Boundcon a massive bondage event stretching over 3 days which I'm really looking forward too. As well as doing some stuff with Sandra for both our sites. If anyone is out in Soho London  between the 16th-18th of May and wants to meet either me or Sandra let me know as we're planing on checking out bars and clubs there on those dates. Well that's the plan at the moment anyway. Then I'm off to France for a few days before meeting back up with Sandra at Boundcon before returning home again.

While I think on it the dates I wont be doing sessions are from May the 15th- May the 27th so don't try and book me then.

This weekend I'm doing more bondage films with Bondage Bob again so looking forward to that as not been tied up for a while or done much kinky stuff outside of sessions so it's time I got back into it and got new material for my site. Hopefully I might even get a new sploshing film as not done any sploshing for ages.

Not much else to tell you at the moment but I'll try to post again soon. I know I always say that then leave it months before doing so but I mean it this time. Really

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