Monday, 13 June 2011

Boat trip

This Saturday there was a boat trip for trannies in Bristol which I went on with a few of my friends and a lot of other trannies I don't know that well. I have to say I didn't think I'd enjoy this as it's not something I'd normally do but as it was being run by my friend Davina I thought I'd go along this year. She ran one this time last year but I managed to miss the boat then but no such problems this year as I was the first to arrive. My friend kat also came along but forgot her make-up so being the nice person I am I saved the day and lent her some of mine. Some people however seem surprised I did this and seem to think I'm very guarded of all my things never wanting to lend anyone anything and I'm sad people think this of me!! OK it's true I always worry people wont look after my stuff if I let them borrow things or I wont get it back. I guess I've always been like that since a child.

Back to the trip which must have been about 4 hours long and I never had any idea where we were most of the time. All I knew was we were on the water somewhere near Bristol.. I did dress down for the trip as recommended by Davina though in my rainbow leotard and tutu and orange tights and it was good to chat to friends I'd not seen for a while knowing that their only escape was to jump overboard.

While I had them trapped I was talking about my day as an extra on being human to Kat and a few others and mentioned I'd written an article about it for Repartee that sadly never got used(I don't know what as it was more interesting than some of the articles I've seen in there in the past) and they said why not post it on my blog instead so I will at some stage so look out for that one.

After the trip we all enjoyed a BBQ which went on well into the early hours and as I was first to arrive I was also last to go to bed and last leave the following day. Well I say last to go to bed but two girls staying did go into town and return waking people up at 4.30am. There was so little sleeping space by the time they got in they were forced to share a small sofa which couldn't have been comfy for the two of them.

As for me I was struggling in the spare room with a double bed all to myself. Yes as I was saying I can be very selfish at times and I hate sharing a bed with anyone and it was first come first served I'm afraid. A few people moaned a little the next day mainly the two that came in a 4.30 in the morning but had they got in when I was still up I may have listened to their argument for the bed(I would have still taken it though.)

Apart from the boat trip my weekend was quite uneventful and I spent much of yesterday watching bike and car racing on tele.

This week is looking quiet again as far as booking are going but I have couple booked in which is better than last week where I saw no one all week. I did have to cancel a few though mainly because of venue issues(as normal) 

Something else on my mind after I was also told about a real girl who I know who works as an escort in Bristol and is earning about £100,000 a year and when I hear how well some real girls my age and to be honest not as good looking are doing it really depresses me and makes me wonder just what's the point and am I trying for a market that really doesn't exist for T-girls? OK I'm not offering full escort services but a real girl offering what I do looking like me would be charging twice what I am and never short of work or money. 

This sounds like a ideal opportunity to promote my sites as not put any links on for a while so here they are for everyone who thinks all I do is write blogs and post on forums. 

BTW there's a new gallery on naughty Nina

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