Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Not again!

Yesterday I waited around and one client didn't show and another one wanted 2 TV's for the price of one so I earn't nothing yet again and today as I'm not in Bristol I've turned down 3 people. Why does this keep happening! Moan over. 

One thing I did do yesterday was take some photos of Katrina in her speed suits on her push-bike for Repartee and for someone who's normally in front of the camera I think I got some nice shots which are going to be part of my next Repartee article on trannies that cycle which is coming together pretty well I think. I also got a few pic of me in my new horse riding outfit which I'm planning on using for the Repartee after the one with the cycling article in. No I didn't take these myself before you ask!! The outfit will also come in handy for sessions as a lot of guys like this look and would love to be punished by a stable mistress.

Tomorrow I'm off to do yet another set of photos for naughy Nina
 in Bristol with my friend Alex. Who I've worked with more than anyone of late. Sadly I've got a bit of a backlog waiting to go on the site but hopefully this will change soon as I'm pushing Bella to update at least every week. 

I had an email today from someone telling me to add a wish list to my mistress site which is something I've never thought of before even though many mistresses do this. I mean what would I wish for? 
Chocolate and pringles maybe?
I do have a section telling people they can buy me outfits if they wish for a session but so far this has happened only once and then the guy took the outfit back after the session!!

I saw the new X-men film on Monday and even watched it to the very end of the credits in case there was a little bit of extra film at the end as there so often is these days but this time there wasn't but I did have to listen to the take that record on the end and it's been stuck in my head ever since. For anyone reading who hasn't got it stuck in your head click here and play this a few times

More soon.

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