Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just a quick update on my life

Must be a week since I posted on here but I had a very busy week again up until yesterday when everything went quiet (Maybe I should take my phone off silent then everything wouldn't be so quiet and I'd stop missing calls) To be honest a few days to myself is nice although I'm not going to turn clients away if they phone. 

I might give my Fireblade a run after I've wrote this though as not been on it for  few weeks and that just wont do. Another pic of me and my blade attached. Talking of my blade I'm thinking about riding it to France at some point to visit my friend Davina(once I get my passport renewed that is)but know nothing about riding abroad so a bit worried about attempting this alone and with my sense of direction will probably end up in Germany!

Last Thursday I had no less than 4 clients which is the most I've seen in one day so far and quite hard to try and make sure they all get what they want from a session with me and to be honest I'm not sure they all did as sometimes it's hard to work out what new people like and what they don't but 3 out of 4 were happy with my services I think and may return. The other one maybe not. :-(

 Saturday I went to yet another kinky party in Bristol sadly there wasn't much room to play so I ended up sat on the PC playing the music from you tube for half the night then showing people videos off my site
There was a couple of kinky demo's at the party which didn't really do much for me but others seemed to enjoy them. One was a fire play demo the other sensual play. I did get tied up after the party though in my new lips leotard and pink tights. See pic and yes it was a very bright outfit and yes we did copy the tie done to Kat as seen in a previous blog post

Monday I drove all the way to Cambridge to see a client which is the furthest I've been on a call out but he paid me in advance what I asked for so I had to go. I'm glad I did in the end as he was great and mainly just wanted company for the afternoon and someone to watch the bike racing with. Nice work if you can get it. So anyone else who wants someone to sit and watch bike racing with give me a shout my rates are very reasonable.

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  1. Be careful on that bike Girl. I looked at one in a local shop and it was beautiful, like a piece of art. But way too much bike for me. The wide gas tank kinda turns me off although I realize its for balance.
    Ride smart-ride safe!