Monday, 6 June 2011

I don't want to be a fat trannie

I'm just wondering how many bars of dairy milk I can eat every day before I start getting fat. Is one a day too much?

I've had an interesting weekend including a trip to a Birmingham BDSM club called Exodus. Actually I'm not sure if that's the club name or the name of the event held there once a month. I think it's the event. Anyway it was really good and my friend Mike(who will be reading this) tied me up in 3 different types of suspension ties while I was there. One of which was another crucifix much like the one in the photo on my last post which we(or I should say Mikes tie) got a round of applause for by several of the others at the club watching which we both enjoyed. Mike also hung me from my feet which is the first time this has been done to me but it was great and I was able to stay like this for some time. I've since done this a second time and hopefully got a few good pics of me like this to show off at some point. One funny thing was Shelia who runs the event stopped Mike taking pics of me at the being of the night but later asked him to take some and send her one as she was impressed with the tie.

On the way back I had to see a client so mike waited in the car and pretended to be my pimp. The client made me stand in his bath in my underwear while he poured several bowl of freezing custard down my knickers which he said he'd never done before but always fancied doing. I have to say I do love having custard down my knickers but boy was that ever cold!!

I'm currently trying to put together an article on trannies who cycle for Repartee so if anyone reading this who wants to be in my article please let me know but you have to have a nice photo with your bike and of course be dressed as a woman or it's just not going to work.

Right I'm hungry now where did I put that chocolate bar?

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