Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blog day

I've just wrote a new entry in my kinky blog in the members area on http://www.naughty-nina.com/ so I think I better add a new entry here too for the less kinky people.

So my friend came over to see me before heading back to Australia on Saturday and we both felt a little sad about saying goodbye. I'm not sure what day this week Jane was travelling back but it could very well be as I type this. I was a bit sad she didn't have time to do something on Saturday night with me as there's a good chance I'll never see her again but she had lots of packing to get on with. I instead went to the fetish night at club O and met up with lots of other friends I'd not seen for a few months. Oh and I got suspended too! No not from the club from the ceiling in the club with rope. I must at this point mention that a certain somebody who reads my blog took great pleasure in tickling me while suspended which I don't really like but I wont forget and I'll have my revenge when the time is right. saying that she's not the only person to tickle me when I've been tied up so maybe I should stop telling people I don't like it.

Something else I was involved in over the weekend was a trip to Muir Academy as an adult schoolgirl for the visit of bizarre magazine. I can't say too much but look out for the feature in a future issue. If you want to know more about Muir look here.

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