Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Do I sleep too much?

I've been away for a few days doing stuff for my Mistress Nina site 
and only returning home about 3am yesterday feeling very tired and I spent most of yesterday in bed catching up on some sleep. I'm now spending all day today sorting through the pics taken over the weekend and sorting all my clothes out as well as cleaning my house and catching up with my e-mails. I'm not over keen on doing the whole Mistress Nina bit and prefer to be a sub on the scene but if I can get some work from it then I'm more than happy. 

As always I photograph pretty good and know people who can take good pics of me so I've got some great results a couple of them are attached for you to see.

So what else have I been up to you ask. I've been so quiet with work that I've been able to get out on my new bike and already done 500miles and its great and helps take my mind off my lack of clients but doesn't get me any money.

I went to SWAMP which was my first event for about 6 weeks and everyone seemed to have missed me which was really nice and I had so many hugs but not many spanks!! Although I did find one older lady who was lovely and gave me a private session in the dungeon. 

OK I've got lots of housework to do to day so I'd better get on with it.

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