Saturday, 16 April 2011

So that was post 69

Sorry I didn't notice when I wrote it but the previous entry was 69. What a great number. I mean Summer of 69 of course one of my all time favourite records. I don't know what you thought I mean't. I'm a nice girl honest.

Today is a bit of a sad day for me as I'm saying goodbye to my friend Jane who is returning to Australia after about a year and a half over here I think and she is another TV and someone who I've become good friends with and at one stage was spending a lot of time at her place in Bath and going out with her. She was also cooking me breakfasts all the time which were really nice. So today I'll see her for the last time. I reckon she's moving to get away from people like me really. Anyway if you're reading this Jane I hope everything works out for you and stay in touch.

Yesterday my friend "who's looking" (yes that's his name honest. Well maybe not his real one) came over add took loads of pics of me on my new bike which I now have 3 years to pay for but it's interest free and really worth it as it's such a better bike to ride than the old R1 that dragged me around the country last year. It's a bike I've wanted since taking one on a test ride just after buying the R1 and now I'm so happy I have one. The pics taken yesterday are great so here's one or two. I'll add some more in different outfits when I get more time as I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment. Hope you like them.

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