Monday, 25 April 2011

Katrina brings out the tiger in me!

Bank holidays mean very little to me these days now I don't do a 9-5 job and half the time I don't even realize it is a bank holiday but this one I did as it's Easter and we get chocolate eggs and you know how much I love cadburys chocolate. In fact if anyone reading this wants to win me over a big bar of dairy milk is a good start. So did I get any eggs you ask. Yes in fact I got 2. One large buttons egg and a small buttons egg which I'm going to start to eat once I've typed this and if you want some you better be quick because this little piggy will have eaten them by the end of today(probably) and then maybe I'll be sick.

So what else have I been doing this weekend. On Friday I met up with Katrina Katwoman(that may not be her real name) and we had lots of kinky leotard fun and she even let me wear her tiger leotard as it doesn't fit her but fit me like a glove. In fact as you can see from the pics it has gloves attached. Hopefully I'll be doing some bondage with Katrina soon as she wants to be tied up with me. So anyone reading wanting to tie two sexy tigers together let me know. Big hint.

Saturday I went out on my new motorbike to see another transgendered friend Alison which was nice except I hit a sleeping policeman I didn't see and was very lucky to stay on the bike but my luck was in and I did and I can't see any damage to the bike either which is good as the last thing I need is to spend more money at the moment having just had the bike and my car serviced last week I'm almost skint!

Today I'm just chilling out and maybe going to get some shopping as I've no food in the house other than Easter eggs and chocolate weetabix which seem to have been dropped as they are coming out the packet in tiny bits so it's more like chocolate crumbs than weetabix!

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