Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spidergirl nor Spiderman honest

I did a few photos yesterday with my friend Longman and although it looks like Spiderman it's mean't to be Spidergirl. There might be enough to make a set for Naughty Nina too at some point
So what have you been doing since you last posted Nina I hear you ask. To be honest today is the first quiet day I've had to catch up on things a bit since doing a days filming and photos of Fetish Liza last Thursday. Check her amazing site out here
I can't say much about that but I'm sure her members will enjoy what we did together.
My prosub and Mistress business have picked up a bit lately. In fact I've had to turn people down today as I'm taking a day off to sort things out at home and I hate turning anyone away unless they sound like idiots or time wasters. Which I get lots of. BTW anyone not seen my other sites and wanting to use me for any of my services. Check my sites out here. I'm far more than a pretty face you know ;-)


Saturday I went to Wild desires fetish night which turned out to be a very relaxing and quiet evening with no play but Sunday I went to MDS which was much more fun and I played lots as well as being pushed into the spanking to music competition they were holding and no I didn't win but I blame my spanking partner for this.

Here's the links to Wild Derisres and MDS site

More later as I've things to do and I hope you like the Spidegirl pics

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