Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two showers today!

OK that's not that unusual but the first one came while out on my new toy this morning.

Yes I've just treated myself to a Giant push-bike. No you silly people I don't mean one made for really tall people! Giant is the make of my new racing bike and today after having it's been in the way in my hall way for 3 days I went out for my first cycle ride on it and I have to say it was a pretty horrible outing overall. Why was that   Nina I hear you ask.

You see I've not done a stroke of exercise since my 10K run last October so doing any form of exercise comes as a shock to my system now. When I did the run I did tell myself I'd have a rest for about a week then keep doing something to stay fit but I never did.

Also when I was riding before it was on my mountain bike and I decided to take the same route today that I used to ride on my mountain bike which my new road bike couldn't really cope with. I ended up having to come off the gravel cycle path and get back on the busy main roads instead. I really struggled to get the hang of the gears also which are worked by clicking the brake levers and a couple of times I got in a right mess after going fast down hill found myself stuck in too high a gear for the steep inclines that followed and had to get off and push the bike as I didn't have the strength to push the peddles round in the high gear I was stuck in. Oh and the reason I had two showers is about 5 miles from home in poured down with rain.   

You might be wondering why  I bothered to buy the bike and why I didn't just stick to my mountain bike that I'm used too. Even if you're not I'm going to tell you anyway. I ride mainly on road and have been finding the mountain bike hard work when I do ride it and I think once I get the hang of my road bike I'll start to enjoy it and want to ride it more.

Also I have just bought a fab skin suit the same as Victoria Pendleton is wearing here
and I kind of fancy myself as a trannie version of her a bit(in my dreams I know) and may even at some stage go out as Nina on the bike in the suit. Maybe for a charity event once I've got up to speed that is. 
I already have a photo shoot planed so look out for the pics of me in skin tight lycra for a change

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