Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stuck at home again

Not sure if to take a day off training today as calves hurt quite a lot. I think I've over worked them so maybe they need time to recover? Really fed up of not getting clients for my pro sub business too and what makes it worse is all the time when I go to BDSM events people keep coming up to me after having seen my site saying things like"Love your site, you look really good I bet you're snowed under with work" When I say "Not really" they always seem as surprised as me at this fact. Lucky for me I still have some savings which I've more or less been living on for the past 6 months but wont last forever. If things don't pick up it'll be back to the real world I guess. Sadly other than what I do as Nina I'm not much good at anything else so I could end up pushing the trolley's round at Tesco's!!

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