Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More training today

Again I've been out cycling to keep fit today for my now quickly approaching 10k run. Tomorrow I intend to go running again to see how my knee copes. Today I swallowed a fly while out which wasn't nice and I wouldn't recommend one for anyone who's starving hungry that's for sure.

I'm off to my dreamweaver class in a few hours but still not sure I'm bright enough to remember everything and only bits of the lessons seem to stay in my head for some reason(probably because I'm thick) and when I try to practice what I've learn't I always get stuck! I think I'll have to pay my teacher to move in with me until I know what I'm doing it's the only way it seems.

Oh I have my first blog follower now but he's a friend of mine who ties me up and reckons this makes him my number one fan.. My one fan I reckon.

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