Monday, 25 October 2010

One party better than two?

Ok Saturday I went to both parties but as a result didn't enjoy either as much as I should have. I didn't play at either one which is rare for me also. I did however have a fab halloween costume but not got any pics yet to show it off. But you'll love it once I do trust me. I spent most of the first party talking to my friend Laura who came dressed as a witch and looked cool also. It was a bit sad as it was also the last Wild Passions party I'll go too as Mandy and Alan who run these are packing it in after 2 years.
I didn't leave this party until 1.30am and arrived at my second party at 2am as the M4 was clossed and yes everyone was going on I got there and not sure how happy John who was running the party from his house was with me turning up so late. I left there gone 5am and got home about 7am!!

I think the next day was Sunday but I slept most of it!

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