Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ann Summers tonight

Looking forward to my first ever Ann Summers party tonight with a mixture of real women and TV's attending it should be laugh and I'm the host!! Just been to Tesco's to buy some food for everyone because you know what hard work looking at underwear and plyinn with sex toys can be right?

Apart from this I have little else to do except edit films and photos for my naught nina site and promote the site. Both jobs are really boring. esterday I only managed to edit one film as the pc froze up part way through and I had to start again. Even though I enjoy making kinky films I'm wondering if it's worth it as it cost more to make and edit them than I can make by a long way. Anyone not seen my site look here

Ok back to sorting stuff for the party tonight. I wonder how many will turn up?

I hope I'm not alone!!!

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