Friday, 13 May 2011

Why can't I get my act together!!!

I've not left the house today. In fact I've hardly left the house all week and I've not had hardly any real contact with people either. All I've done is sit on the computer stuff my face full of chocolate feeling sorry for myself because my life isn't where it should be.

I have a list of things I could be doing at home one of which is work my way through a 432 page book about Dreamweaver CS4 which I can't get in the right mindset to do. If I ever manage to do this I should be able to take over my sites and make them better providing at least weekly update for naughty Nina which I'm sure will help get new members and keep existing ones For anyone who is a member there is a new update this week though so check out the cross trainer video.

I'm also a little depressed after losing my venue for doing pro sub and mistress work and this week have been forced to turn many clients away as a result. I really want to buy my own place and have this dream of converting different rooms for different types of play but again money is an issue and I can't see anyone giving me a mortgage even though I know I would have little problems paying one once I have the house how I'd like it.

I guess the answer could be get myself a vanilla job again until I can get a mortgage but as I'm not really any good at anything I might struggle back in the real world.

Like I said at the beginning I know where I should be which is running a reasonably successful paysite as my material is pretty good and other TV's manage to do OK. So even make a living off their paysites and doing OK as a pro sub/Mistress/model/maid and all the other things I offer on my sites as I know I've got the ability and looks to do well and all the clients I've seen so far have been well impressed with both

Maybe I need to pay someone to organise my life for me as I'm not good at it.

OK back to the chocolate and internet porn.

Oh here's some kinky new pics soon to be on my site I hope

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