Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Not sure if I've talked about SWAMP before but though as I've been adding a few links to events I often can be found at I'd do the same for SWAMP http://www.swampinbristol.org.uk/ I was there again this Sunday at the market in the afternoon looking for some small prizes for games I have planed for my upcoming bondage party "Tide Up" and I bought a couple of bits and a cheap strap-on but this is not for the party!!  After a look round the market I went over to pizza express with a few friends for a bite to eat before going back to SWAMP for the evening and maybe some play. Now anyone that knows me will also know I don't like pizza's so would be wondering why I went there for food. You see the only thing I like on the menu is their lasagne and it's the best lasagne I've ever had so always go for that and this time it was even better as it was free! The reason for this was the first one they brought out to me had to go back as the dish it was in fell apart when I started to eat it!! 
After my free meal it was back to SWAMP and to catch up with many of my kinky friends and it didn't look like I was going to play until Jodi and Bites dragged me off as they had at MDS for a nice spanking. Oh and it was a day for things breaking on me was the spanking bench also fell to bits and we struggled to put it back together.
All in all it was a good night and I stayed to the very end being one of the last to leave the venue and I'd recommend it to anyone into BDSM who's never been before. 

After leaving I had a bit of a walk alone in a very short dress to my car and got some attention from some guys who weren't sure if I was a woman or guy but clearly fancied me either way. I was glad to find the car still where I parked it(on the motorcycle parking)with no ticket or clamp so that ended off a really good night.

Sorry no photos from this night as cameras are not allowed in SWAMP.

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