Monday, 6 December 2010

What a fab year

I was in awake watching repeats of being human in the early hours this morning and for some reason I started to think about 2010 and what I've done and although every things not gone to plan and I'm not where I want to be if I'm totally honest I still had a fab year and done some things I would never have dreamt I would have a few years ago.

 I started the year out of work(pretty much how I'm finishing it if I'm honest)and decided to set myself up with the help of my adopted trannie sister Bella (who set up my site) as a TV pro sub. How mad was that!! I have to be honest and say it hasn't gone as well as I hoped it would but I have seen quite a few clients throughout the year and made a little bit of money from it
Also I toured the UK on my motorbike covering over 3000miles in two weeks going out dressed whenever I could in the evenings and I did a 10k fun run raising £1600 for cancer thanks to my generous friends. 

I've also got my pay site up and running which I love making films for and I've done so many other wonderful things this year and met loads of new people too. Had I still been doing my old day job I wouldn't have. Sadly lack of money will stop me living the life I lead at the moment at some point but I wouldn't change these past 12 months for anything. 

BTW the reason being human made me think back is another thing I did this year was spend a day as a vampire extra on the forthcoming series which I'm looking forward to seeing and hoping they haven't cut me out.

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