Saturday, 4 December 2010


I should be careful what I write as it turns out the guy who asked me out to the cinema reads my blog!!

If you're reading this sorry for that it just seemed funny to me that's all. 

So not left the house for days partly because of the weather partly because I have nothing on and partly because I feeling really down at the moment. I'm thinking of going to the Wild Desires BDSM night tonight but not really sure I can be bothered to drive all the way to as it's a 2 hour drive and the weathers not great. The last thing I want is to end up stuck in Newport all night.

Had a few bits of good news today like not having to pay a parking ticket I got last week after a carefully worded e-mail from me that is and it turns out I've been over charged for both my gas and electic so I should get lower bills next year. Also Tied'N'Teased turned up today and I have a full page add in the magazine which looks good so hopefully things will start to pic up now. Fingers crossed.

Ok now need to decide if I should leave the house today or not!

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