Friday, 24 December 2010

My Santa outfit needs a rest

It's been very busy over the last week as I've loved if so  much I wore it so Club O then again to a trannie Christmas dinner then again yesterday first to Wild Desires then to another trannie Christmas meals(trannies do love their food) I even got to be tied up in it yesterday(photos and film of that coming soon)but it's time to take it off after nearly a week and give it a rest and a wash! People have started to ask if I'm sleeping in it! No I'm not is the answer except for last Saturday when I was tired and crashed out on the bed not even undressing. Then I did wake up several hours later still in it!! Other than that no!

So tomorrow Christmas day and not one that I really look forward to as I always spend it with my family who I have little in common with and it's the one day of the year they visit me.

Happy Christmas 

Oh just for you as it's Christmas one last photo of me playing with my phone and myself in my Santa costume.

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