Sunday, 19 December 2010

Miss Christmas

I went to club O last night dressed in a fab Miss Christmas outfit I had made for me and had a nice night even though it also would have been my mothers birthday had she been alive so I always feel a bit sad on this date and normally don't go out but decided it would be better than staying home this year as I've not got many other events to go to this Chritmas so wouldn't have got see my friends again this year had I not gone.

I loved my new outfit so much I'm even thinking of wearing it to a Christmas meal I'm going to tonight! This is very rare as I only nomally wear an outfit once then it doesn't come out for a year at least. Once I get some pics of me in it I'll post them here but I forgot to ask anyone to take one last night. Tonight will be different as it's a trannie meal and all trannies love having pics taken and taking pics.

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