Thursday, 27 January 2011

God I'm bored!

So far this year I've seen just 3 clients and have had a lot of spare time on my hands like today. I do however have college tonight so didn't really want any clients today. Thursdays was going to be my day off instead almost every day is a day off at the moment. I have got some films and lots of photo sets to edit for and I'm going to start writing my kinky blog and adding a request page but I just can't get motivated to do those things. Something I have done today is I've just applied for a passport on-line as I plan on taking my R1 to France in the summer which is something I'm already looking forward to doing. I took the bike on a 200mile run on Saturday with it's new heated grips fitted and they worked really well and kept my hands nice and toasty my neck was frozen though. BTW I had slightly more clothes on than in these pics too.

 Right as I've got time on my hands I think it's time to get the epilator out as my legs need doing again. It's so painful though!!

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  1. Don't forget to renew the road-fund next month, as well, Nina!

    It's gonna get better when it gets warmer, and peeps start getting frisky, you'll be fighting them off with a stick! ( Oh, that's what they pay for though, innit?)