Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First post of the year

I'm ever so slightly bored already as I'm still getting hardly any clients so going to give my bike a run in a few minutes to cheer me up a little. I had a great new years eve though with a small group of like minded kinky people even seeing the new year in tied to a suspension frame being hit 12 times by my old friend Nicki B.

As for new years resolutions I've already broke one and that was to spend less time in front of the computer and do some of the other things I need to get done but here I still am!

One of the other ones is to be nicer to people and so far I've not been able to break it as I've hardly seen anyone this year!

I think I must also be turning into a vampire as I don't go to bed these days until about 3am then get up at mid day which is worrying should I ever get a real job again I'll never get up. While in bed last night watching BBC3 as I normally do I saw the excellent trailer for being human which is returning soon so keep an eye out for me in episode 2 I think it is as I'm a female vampire extra. See told you I was turning into a vampire even the people casting for being human must think I look like one! In case you do watch it here's some pics of what I looked like. Not taken the same day but same look even the glasses. This was a night out in London with my friends Deb and Simon in case you're wondering

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