Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just got up and it's raining

I was planning on going for another 12mile cycle ride today in practice for my run for cancer research
The reason I'm cycling and not running is I've hurt my knee on the treadmile so trying to stay fit but also not to make the knee worse. I only have just over 2 weeks until the run and have to do it with beans in my knickers too as some will pay me an extra £50 if I do this. Being into splosh I'm more than happy to do this.

My pro sub business is not doing great at the moment and not had a client for nearly 3 weeks so living on my savings which is not ideal as I was saving for a new house in Bristol until last year when I lost my job that is!

I'm hoping my new paysite will take off and get me some extra cash though as I'd struggle going back to doing a normal office job now for sure.

Have to spend some time today sorting out my clothes for the weekend(must look hot!) and also need to practice on dreamweaver as doing a course and getting behind. I'm starting to feel like the class numb nuts.

Well I am blonde!!

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