Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Epic weekend

So there I was last night about 10.30 laying on a bed dressed as a sexy call girl blindfolded and gagged with silk handkerchiefs. Not only that but I have a guy sat on my face getting off on grinding his bum and bits into me and I'm not complaining. I'm also in the middle of nowhere. While he has his fun I find myself reflecting on the weekend just passed and thinking to myself what an epic one it has been even down to what's happening now!

Lets rewind to Friday where the weekend began. I was off to see my lovely friend Sarah Bright for some much needed kink which would also result in some also much needed new films and pictures for my site. The weekend started off badly as I picked the worse day so far this year and the journey was epic in itself for all the wrong reasons and took me over 8 hrs. Normally I can get to Bradford from mine in closer to 4hrs. I did stop off for an hour to see a friend though and he even gave me a load of cat food and fed me. No he didn't feed me the cat food this is for my cat as he once had a cat but it died and he no longer need the food. By the amount of catfood he gave me maybe the cat died from over eating.

I eventually arrived at Sarah's pretty tired so we decided not to do anything kinky until the following day and instead played on her play station VR which is amazing and a couple of the games even made me feel a bit ill with motion sickness to be honest. Anyway I wasn't sick and after a good nights sleep on the sofa we spent the next day doing lots of kinky stuff as expected. Much of this will end up on www.naughtynina,net so keep an eye out for it. I had a fab time with Sarah as always and she even gave me some lovely shoes as they fit me better than her. I will post pics of me in them soon I promise. Just to make Sarah want them back if nothing else.

The next day we did a pantiehose encasement which was Sarah's first so again look out for the pics of this coming soon. If was her encasing me BTW. We also did some bagging and hanging videos. So another great day although neither of us bought any food so we survived on crisps and bourbons.
Before I knew it my time there was over and I'd broken Sarah anyway so she was of no more use to me but I had to find someone else to play with as I wasn't done.

So it was a drive over to Wigan to meet up with a friend who's also a client and a night in a pole tie followed by a strict hogtie. Well until 4 in the morning when I finally decided I wanted to get out. The next day more of the same and all done in fantastic ballet boots provided by my friend, I was left in each tie hours as opposed to minutes which means I can enjoy the tie better knowing I wont be going anywhere for a while each time. Most of this was filmed but you might get a bit bored watching in tied to a pole for an hour or so. Not that I was complaining.

Again this was over far to quickly as I had to rush off Monday evening and drive to the middle of nowhere to see a client who was waiting to sit on my face.

Which brings me back to where I started or my epic weekend finished I should say. Before I left my lovely friend in Wigan gave me the ballet boots I'd fallen in love with and another pair. So I was returning home with 3 new pairs of fab shoes/boots. I feel such a lucky girl to know people who want to give me nice things to wear as I'm sure I don't deserve it.

Lately I'm often moaning about things not going to plan in my life but a few more weekends like the one I've just had would do a lot to address this I'm sure. Anyway here is a few pics of me as R2D2 taken by Sarah and I'll soon be editing the films for my site and trust me they're worth waiting for.

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  1. You really are beautiful! I might sound corny but how else do I convey my opinion?