Tuesday, 5 January 2016

If for some reason I don't blog before Christmas

Was what I said in my last post fully expecting to be back wishing everyone a happy Christmas and new year but I didn't blog again and there was a good reason.

Sadly just before Christmas my dad died of cancer and I am now an orphan having also lost my mother to cancer some years ago. So it wasn't the best Christmas for me. We had his funeral in between Christmas and new year which was attended by lots of people who knew my dad and many I'd never even seen before. It will take a long time to come to terms with my dad not being there as we were close and I was with him all through his time with cancer and I would see him or call him at least every other day and I'll miss chatting to him or taking him out to see steam trains which he so loved and even got me interested in.(A bit)

Anyway it's a new year and time to move on. I've updated my escort services as I know January is normally quiet for me and now offer a 15 minutes quickie service for £40 just for those who want to see me but can't afford an hour. This is just an extra escort service and only for someone in desperate need of a hand or blow job. Nothing else. It's that simple. I say simple but someone already called asking for a quickie and wanting to give me a BJ instead! Some people are just idiots and I really don't need people giving me quickie BJ's. Trust me!

This year work wise it has started like most seem too with loads of time wasters. Yesterday in theory I could have seen 5 people but ended up with only 1 showing up. Today I had 4 bookings and I'm now down to 1 also. If anyone genuine reading this wants to book me please check out my websites below for all my sub,domme and escort services



Also don't forget to join my website for hundreds of kinky films and more being added every week


To all my followers, site members and clients I wish you a happy new year and just for you here's a pic of my legs and bum.

What do you mean you've seen my legs and bum hundreds of times before!



  1. Hi Nina, sorry to hear about your sad loss, i know the feelings very well having lost both of my parents too, way before their time. something that someone said to me that has always stuck with me is "no one can take away the memories of the good times you have had with your parents", those words are very true and have always been my comfort when I've looked back. I do hope the pain eases for you as the days and weeks pass by.

    I only discovered your website a short while ago, but love your photos and videos, such a fantastically wide range of interests and fetishes are shared. If I could make one request it would be for another set of you in your plimsolls as that is my fetish. Thank you for the efforts you put into your websites and wish you well for the future. Plimmie

    1. Thank you Plimmie sorry it's taken so long to read your comment but I've been busy sorting stuff out after my dads passing. Still lots to do but it's getting easier. Will have a think about doing something else in plimsolls for you. Nina x