Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Return of Naughty Nina

Sorry I've not posted here since February but I've not really had that much going on since then and been feeling a bit depressed about everything as I mentioned in my previous post. All I've been doing is spending ages in bed then getting up and watching day time tele most days. Unless I had a session at Onyx that is. Oh I have been cycling quite a bit to keep fit which I've enjoyed and I reverted to my old mountain bike as my racer seems to have a bit of a wobble at high speeds for some reason and I always think I'm going to crash when this happens. I'm thinking of selling both bikes and treating myself to a new hybrid bike instead. Any idea of that I could get will be gratefully received. Who said I'd look good on a penny farthing?

Anyway things are starting to look up again this year as bookings are slowly coming in so works starting to pick up. Although one guy messaged me today asking how much for an outcall and I said £100 he offered me £80. I didn't reply but really!! I'm not a secondhand bike you can offer less for if you want it but can't afford it. Or maybe I am?

As you've guessed from the tittle my fantastic paysite
is finally able to take new members again. I was beginning to think it would never be fixed. As you will notice the last updates where at the very beginning of the year because there's no point updating a site that can't take members but there is already over 400 films and galleries on the site so if you've never been a member before and it's all new to you you're in for a kinky treat or a wank fest.

Over the coming days/weeks I'm going to be changing the site slightly and updates will no longer be twice weekly but as and when I have new material ready to go up. So this could mean no new stuff for a while followed by several updates more or less at once. The reason for this is my site has never had that many members or made me much if any money. I do the site because I love doing it and it's a single place to show off all my kinky films photos. The price is a fraction of most paysites and any money taken only goes toward making new films or buying new bdsm equipment. I think I'm very rare in doing a site like this just for the enjoyment of it rather than to make loads of money and it comes across in the videos on the site.

In the future once I have a new place and I'm not desperate for the money I hope to keep the naughty Nina site running and donate some if not all of the membership fee's to a cancer charity as I've lost most of my family to this terrible disease. Maybe that'll encourage more people to join knowing that the small fee I charge to see my stuff is doing some good and also if you're caught wanking over my films you can stay you only joined to donate money and it wasn't your fault you got turned on by the material on the site after you'd done a nice thing. That'll work trust me.

So I mentioned new house again and I've just started again looking for a new place to work and live. I've not found an ideal place yet but one will come along I'm sure but it has to be the right place. Hence no rushing into buying anything not suitable.

Before I go better plug the fact I'm still doing sub and dommes sessions in studio Onyx and will be for a while so give me a call if you want to make a booking. All details are on my site
Only doing escorting as outcalls though and don't try offering less than I charge as I'm already a cheap tart.

BTW anyone who wants to do a session with me late morning in Bristol on the 22nd of April at Ashton Studios please get in contact as already have a session that day there but could do another before.

Oh here's a pic of me yesterday in studio Onyx taken by my client with probably the worse camera in the world. Don't worry I can say that as it's my camera.

It would seem I'm a 20L container full of water(makes a change from hot air)