Thursday, 1 July 2021

A Quiet Place

Is my work at the moment. I was quite busy but now it's all gone a bit dead. Well this week anyway but I'm sure things will pick up again they normally do. 

So I'm now fully vaccinated having had my second brought forward. This makes me feel even better about seeing clients than before having had just one jab. No side effects this time either at least I don't think so. 

Talking of my health last week I had to visit hospital to see a surgeon about having an operation to sort out my on going issues with acid reflux. After a chat I've been left to think about either having the op or carrying on with the tablets I'm been taking for years and I don't know what to do to be honest. Operations do worry me.

I've recently done some more pics with my lovely friend Kat and also with Sven too. In fact this time Sven also took pics of me with Kat so will add some of those to this post for you to enjoy and see what a wonderful photographer Sven is making us look goo as always. Most of these were in matching "Hiro Gato" red leotards. To be honest both of these are Kats or were I should say. The one I'm wearing is all mine now. It was the first one she had made to measure but was too small for her s o no idea who it was made to measure? So they made her another and said she could keep the first one as well. I asked if I could try it and amazingly it fit really well. So I'm a lucky Hiro Gato girl too. Thank you so much to Katrina.

Oh there is another reason I called this post "A Quiet Place" as yesterday I went to the cinema again for the first time in a year and a half and yes I watched "A Quiet Place 2" It was weird as the cinema was actually a quiet place too with only 4 of us watching the film and we had to keep our masks on too which made eating popcorn and drinking very difficult indeed. 15mins after the film was mean't to start the screen was still blank and I was beginning to think that a quiet place was just us 4 sat in the dark in silence. I had to go ask the staff what was going on and there was an issue but the staff hadn't realized the film wasn't running until I told them. In the end the film played and was pretty good but full of holes. So if you watch it don't think about it too much and you'll enjoy it.

My onlyfans passed 100 subscribers last month but it didn't last and now is down to jut over 90 again. If you want to join and see me tied up being used and abused as well as indulging in lots of over kinks please think about joining for only $4.99 a month here. BTW brand new film will be up today as it happens.

For anyone who would rather meet me and play with me for real you can find all details of what you can do with me here why not treat yourself and me. I'm worth it. Honest

I'm, sure there's other stuff to tell you but can't think of anything now so see you all again next month and hopefully things will pick up and it wont be a quite place for much longer. 

One last thing as I know he reads this. Get well soon Shaun so you can get back to spanking my bum again x

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Starting to get busy again.

 I just noticed I posted on the 4th of May last month and made no comment about it being Star Wars day which is a little odd as I'm such a big Star wars fan. Oh well mentioned it now at least.

I've finally started to get busy again thank god and have been seeing clients for sub, domme and escorting. Everyone has been really good to turning up in masks washing and sanitizing their hands upon arrival and providing recent negative covid test too.

As well as having some great sessions I've also met up with two of my best friends to get some new photos. First Sven who I hadn't seen for almost a year came and took lots of photos in my 6 new En Femme Style dresses. Yes that's right I bought 6 new dresses but they were all in the sale. It's funny I'm a size small in all their stuff and when they have have a sale it's normally the small stuff that ends up being sold off cheap. Must be a lot of big trannie about and not so many smaller ones I guess? Anyway photos came out great and I'll add a few below. Sven really does know how to take nice pics of me and kinky ones too of course and it's good to be able to see him again.

I also met up with Katrina this week for the first time this year and we got some good photos in our lycra of course. I had kept back a couple of leotards I bought ages ago until we could meet again. So it was lovely to finally be able to wear them and get pics wearing them. One was a lovely blue one from FetsFash(the best place to buy leotards) that I didn't want to take off. So I kept it on even for a session I did last night. Then even slept in it. I'll add a pic of this leo below so you can see why I didn't want to get changed. Quite fancy being spanked and caned in it too.

As mentioned in my previous post I went north for a few days and had a wonderful time getting tied up at Squidgy's and then I saw a client who gave me a long hard spanking and caning. Much of this was on my bare bum on his bed on y back with my legs over my head and fee hooked over the headboard. This is one of my favourite positions to be caned and punished in and I actually find it quite comfortable too. Maybe my bum might disagree though. I've got another returning client tomorrow I'm looking forward too as he has booked me for 2hrs at Studio Onyx n Taunton to again spank and cane my naughty bottom as a sexy schoolgirl. So can't wait for that.

As well as my bookings picking up it seems the weather has changed too and I was hoping to get out on my motorbikes but now it's too hot for motorbikes.I seem to spend far more time messing about with them than actually riding them. I'm not just a fair weather rider but more of a perfect weather rider and if its not perfect outside I take the car these days. 

Only fans is still going well and I'm rapidly heading towards 100 posts. Most of these are videos. so for $4.99 it's a complete bargain. I've had a few tips from members too which is always nice. I do try and post request films as well if I have them. You can join my onlyfans page here.

While I'm plugging if you want to book me for any of my other services you can find full details here.I'd love to see you.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

So much for the 1st of each month!

Really sorry I didn't post on the first this month just because I forgot to do so. I think it must be an age thing. A friend even asked me today where it was. Talking of forgetting this might be a very short blog anyway as I've forgotten what I've done in April. I'll just make something up so it sounds like I've had an interesting month.Hope you don't mind?

I'm only kidding I'm sure I've done something worth writing about so lets start with I've started doing sub and domme sessions again and in fact did a 3hr domme session yesterday at Studio Onyx in Taunton, Which I found hard going to be honest. I must be out of practice. It's my second 3hr domme session there since I started working again. It means spending the session wearing a mask for both me and my clients too. I guess that's fine if wearing a mask turns you on or is your kink. Not so nice if not. I think I prefer hoods myself. 

If you fancy seeing me as a sub, domme or even escort get in touch. I work from Studio Onyx in Taunton or at my schoolroom in Bristol and back doing outcalls again soon too. To see me you must have a recent negative covid test result. 

Other than the 2 domme sessions I've also done a few spanking sessions too now where I've been spanked and caned. Which to be honest are much more enjoyable for me and it turns out I can still take the cane just like I used to before lockdown which I'm pleased about. Feel free to book a session and test my bum out for yourself.

Bookings are slow but that has given me some time to keep fit cycling and also to go out for a few rides on my motorbikes. I went out for a long ride on the bigger bike and struggled to get back into riding again, Especially round corners which was annoying but going out a second time it started to come back to me I'm pleased to say. So I'm sure the more I ride the better I'll get and be giving Rossi a run for his money before too long. 

Photos wise all I've got new since the last post is more leotard pics and some in a new leather dress my friend Davina kindly bought for me. I've posted lots of these and they've been popular but just in case you've not see them I'll add some here too and yes I'm showing my panties off again as well. I can't help myself. Sorry

Next week I'm heading north again and visiting a couple people and I'm finally going to get tied up which hasn't happened for ages and I've been missing it like crazy. So really looking forward to that and hopefully I'll get some new films and photos while I'm at it. 

I've now had my first covid vaccine so feel slightly better about seeing people again. The only side effect so far is an aching arm but that's now gone. So role on the next one in July.

Already making plans to attend some events later this year including Eastbourne and Rubber Cult with my friend Katrina who I've not seen for ages. Come to think of it I've not seen any of my friends for ages. So really looking forward to meeting up with them all again soon. When I say all I mean both my friends. I'm not that popular. lol

Can't think of anything more to talk about this month so for anyone who likes looking at me in lycra or leather here's a few pics of that for you to enjoy and see everyone back here next month unless your thinking of coming to visit me for a session that is. If so check out my website and take no notice where it say's it's not a secure site. it's fine. Trust me

Almost forgot still adding films and galleries to my onlyfans page every week and you can see them all here for $4.99

Why not treat yourself and me to a subscription 


Thursday, 1 April 2021

Back to posting on the first of each month

My last blog post was a few days early because I wanted to plug my new only fans page which of course I'm going to do again now. Sorry about that. 

It's been going well over a month and I've been adding new videos every day and will keeping doing so until I reach 50 films which will be in just a few days time. After this I may go to posting new films twice a week but also adding photo sets in-between once I work out how to do this. That is! So anyone who used to love my old Naughty Nina site and is missing my kinky films please join my only fans page here for only $4.99 a month.

Other than uploading kinky films to only fans what have I been up to for the month I hear you asking. 

I have a lovely fan in America who sent me a load of sexy leotards and dance tights and I'm slowly getting some photos in them for him and your pleasure. I'll add some to this post for you and him to see and I've been doing a few selfies in them as well of course.

I've also been modifying my motorbikes. I've fitted new cans to both plus a few other bits and bobs and they both look and sound better(louder) than they did with their standard pipes. Will get some photos at some point for sure. I'm actually quite pleased I managed to do this as normally I would take them to a garage to do almost anything to them. 

I've also still been cycling loads and now for a week eating less too. So I might even lose some weight. 

So why am I eating less? Well I might have mentioned before about my issues with acid reflux and how I've suffered from this for years. Well next week I have a rather intrusive test in hospital where my acid levels are measured over a 24hr period. In order to do this I have to stop my tablets for a week beforehand. Which is what I'm doing at the moment. This is also a bit of an issue if I eat a meal because I get real bad acid shortly after for several hrs. Which is not nice. So I'm just eating really small meals for now and the thought of food is not good for me at the moment. As I said good way to lose weight.

I must mention there's a new issue of Transliving magazine out now and I'm back after a one issue break with two articles, One on fitness and the other on tucking and how to do it as many trans girls I know are rubbish at it. Either that or they enjoy having a big bulge in there knickers. I guess it could be a mixture of both. As always there's loads of other interesting features in the latest magazine. It's not just all about me you know. 

I also have written my own editorial for this issue as I'm now an official member of the TLi team. You can get a copy either printed or digital here

You might also notice when you go there the Transliving site has changed so take a minute to look around it while you're there buying the new magazine. Just click the word "Transliving" in the top right to take you back to the main page. I've got a couple of free articles there too. So have a read of those and feel free to leave a nice comment if you enjoy them. I did say nice comment. Nothing too rude OK!

Hopefully next time I write here I'll be back seeing clients again which I can't wait for. It's looking like the 12th of April for anyone wanting to see me. If you've no idea what I actually do and offer. See my site here

OK that's about if for today please think about joining my only fans page if you haven't already and thank you to all who have already done so. Having not earn't much money in the last year because of covid restrictions every little helps.

Meet back here next month xx

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Things could finally be looking up

 This is my new onlyfans site

For anyone who misses all my kinky films and my old Naughty Nina website which I lost a couple of years ago after almost 10 years I've finally got myself a onlyfans site(until I lose that too) where I can put all my films and you can subscribe to see them. I've set it up so it's only $3 for the first 30 days which is next to nothing right? I'm going to be uploading a full film every day for the first 30 days so there's plenty of new content. Much will have been on Naughty Nina but there will also be new films and maybe photosets too but I know it's the films most people want to see. Also if it takes of I will be making more new films and even doing requests films for members now and again

Onlyfans is the main reason for this early blog but also to let my clients and anyone wanting to session with me in the future know it looks like I'll be able to see people again from the 12th of April. So that's something else to look forward too and I can finally get out of this groundhog day life I'm currently living. 

If anyone is wondering what services I offer take a look at my website

Hopefully I may even have even had my first covid jab by then too. Well maybe but I will be taking several precautions either way of course.You know normal stuff like making everyone wear a plastic bag over their head so they don't breath on me. That's normal right?  Who said "Only for you Nina!" 

I've not got any new photos to post because I've actually yet to do any. Except for selfies for my onlyfans site to prove I'm me that is and I'm not posting those.(I did the first one not made up but they didn't believe I was the same person) Hopefully I'll be doing new stuff both photos and films before too long as well. So something else to look forward too if you like looking at me that is.

Thinking about it people only look at my blog for photos of me so here's some selfies that I've taken over the lockdowns for you to enjoy. Now go join my only fans site? 

What do you mean "No!" 

What if I say please? 


Monday, 1 February 2021

It's Groundhog Day Tomorrow

Every morning I'm woken up by the radio alarm clock at 6am and every day it's playing "I've got you babe" Then everyday goes on to be the same as the one before and no one else seems to be living the same day over and over only me!

Oh hang on that is the story of the Bill Murray film "Groundhog Day" not my life although at the moment. Although it's not that much different.

Before I go on as it is Groundhog Day tomorrow and if you've never seen the film and you're also suck at home all day like most of us do yourself a favour and find a copy or somewhere it's streaming and watch it. It's one of my all time favourite films.

As for my life I've spent weeks now more or less living the same day over and over. I set my alarm for 9.30am then get up make breakfast and watch  "This Morning" I then put on some lycra and go on a couple of hour cycle ride on my E-Bike. I even ride the same route every day round mainly back lanes. 

I bought my E-bike a couple of years ago nearly now and when I bought it I had bad knees and it was perfect. My knees slowly got better and now give me very little pain and as much as I love my E-bike I just use it as a normal mountain bike now and it's quite a heavy mountain bike too. So don't buy an E-bike if your not going to use it as an E-bike. BTW after endlessly getting punctures as all farmers seem to do this time of year is cut hedges I've now put some green stuff in the inner tubes called "Slime" which so far is working as I got a puncture and even heard the air coming out but then it stopped and the tyre stayed up. Amazing! So that's something else I'd recommend.

So when I get home I have a shower and get some more food and then update my various social media accounts mainly with old photos and on Twitter bondage video clips as well for my followers to enjoy. I then answer any emails I have. 

After a couple of hours doing this messing about on the internet I have my dinner then watch lots of tele which includes an hr of news normally before I go to bed and sleep. Normally about 2am! If anyone wants some recommendations on what to watch in lockdown just let me know. I'll mention a couple of things here off the top of my head though. 

First if you like Marvel or StarWars get yourself  Disney plus. The Mandalorian is good and I'm currently Enjoying "WandaVision" The Lego StarWars stuff was entertaining too. "Songbird" is a film set two years in the future about if the current virus mutates into covid 23 and worth a watch even though it got some bad reviews. I think it's on Amazon Prime. Also anyone into  Electric Motorbikes check out "The Long Way Up" if you have apple TV that is. If you liked "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Down" you'll probably like this too. I think I might make my own long way film "The long way round to the shops" 

I could go on but I think that's enough recommendations for now.

So that's currently my day every day. The only differences are sometimes I go for walks instead of cycling. Sometimes I chat to friends on the phone and sometimes I have to go shopping of course. Other wise that's it. 

I know I'm lucky not to have so far had a virus but I'm missing doing my sessions I'm missing seeing my friends I'm missing doing outcalls and driving all over the country to see clients and go to events. I have 2 bikes and 2 cars sat doing nothing now so I'm missing driving/riding them and I'm missing earning any money. I'm missing doing photoshoots and films and so on.

I like all of you I'm sure just want my life back and it not to be groundhog day every day. 

Here's some more photos from better times when I was allowed to go out! 

Taken by Sven Svenson and Squidgy



Friday, 1 January 2021

The year that is 2021

 So we made to 2021 and happy new year to everyone that bothers to read this rubbish.

Yesterdays blog was kind of negative but it's not surprising considering what a shit year 2020 was but maybe we should now start to look forward to a brighter future? To be honest I don't think we'll be back to normal for most of this year and it's more likely to be 2022 even though many think we will be back normal in a few months. I don't think that's me being negative but realistic. lets hope I'm wrong though.

That being the case what is there to look forward too this year? I hear you ask. I'm not sure if I'm honest. It'll be some time before I can go back to doing full sessions again but if I can keep surviving on my savings hopefully I won't have to go back to doing a normal job again. 

If anyone wants to help make sure I don't go back to the real world and buy some of my kinky films I sell them for only £10 for 5 and have loads covering many different kinks. I also sell worn panties for £15(which included postage and a photo of me wearing them)

This will give me little income but lots of spare time. Hopefully I'm going to spend a lot of time out on the bikes when the weather improves and when restrictions ease off as well as both the Z1000SX and the 390 Duke are underused. I actually wanted to spend a week or so exploring Ireland on the SX last year but this was one of many plans I had ruined by covid. So could this be something to look forward to this year? Probably not but maybe in 2022. Going to do a lot more walking and cycling to stay fit this year and to get me out and off social media.

Talking off health issues if things improve with the hospitals I may have to have an operation so I don't have to take tablets for acid reflux for the rest of my life which is kind of a good thing as the tablets I currently take have been linked to dementia if taken long term! Also the tablets I take could be responsible for another issue I have(I have too wee a lot most days). So the op could kill 2 birds with one stone. Not that I would want to kill any birds of course. Except maybe seagulls who scare me and nick chips and ice creams from your hands that is. 

I mentioned yesterday several things I've not achieved but think I should have done (BTW forgot to say failing to make the top 3 in the two Miss Sparkle competitions I entered­čś×) but I also have a list of things I have achieved since entering the world as Nina in 2005. Including 3 Solo Repartee covers and being on 5 in total, Winning Miss TLI dressed as Mini mouse, Winning Miss Rose last year and best of all making a living as a very kinky trans escort for 11 years now and even better for more than half that time not having to use my male parts to do so. 

When I stopped letting guys suck me things really changed for me and I felt more like a woman no matter if in sub, domme or escort sessions. I lost lots of guys who were only interested in what trans girls have in their knickers but kept others and even gained new ones who saw past the whole cock in a frock thing and some even saw me as a lovely young(ish) woman. And long may that continue. Once things return to more like normal that is. 

The biggest thing I'm hoping to do this year now is move and get my own place where I can live and work from. I can't see it happening until things are more normal again though. However If the wrose comes to the worse and I end up having to get a proper job again because not enough clients want me after thee pandemic I would move to a different place where I can get more for my money. I hope that doesn't happen though as I'm rubbish at everything else and would hate doing a real job again now! 

So today is the first day of the year and it's already dark(I didn't get up until 11.30 even though I saw the new year in alone) so not a very exciting start as not even been outside but lots to look forward too and I hope you have too. 

So again happy new year. See you all here again next month and now for some photos of me for you to enjoy. All these were taken by the wonderful Sven Svenson at Bournemouth